Renewable Energy systems for remote operations

With PHNXX grid-in-a-box solution, access clean and reliable energy for uninterrupted operations,
no matter the weather, no matter the location.

Protect Your Operations
Amidst Uncertainties

Can your operations endure these events?


Disrupted operations

A chain of delays, reduced output and financial losses which may occur in the event of power supply cuts.


High energy costs

Ageing, unreliable coal-fired power stations and inflated coal and gas prices are driving up electricity prices.


Unpredictable weather

Unforeseen weather events, climate-related challenges and their associated costs.


Limited infrastructure

Power infrastructure in remote areas are becoming outdated or insufficient to meet growing demands.

Decentralise the Grid

Our grid-in-a-box solution helps communities and businesses to overcome the unreliable power landscape with sustainable, renewable energy as needed, when needed.


Uninterrupted power even
during grid failures


Long-term savings on
maintenance and fuel

Enhanced Sustainability

Reduce carbon emissions by
utilising renewable energy

Weather-Proof Your Operations
with Renewable Energy

We empower off-grid industries by integrating clean and reliable energy
into existing power systems.


Power crucial agricultural operations such as irrigation and crop processing, reducing costs and ensuring uninterrupted energy supply for increased productivity and sustainability.


Integrate a combination of renewable energy and battery power for heavy machinery, lighting, ventilation, and processing facilities. This lowers energy costs and ensures non-stop mining operations in rough environments.


Our Grid-in-a-Box solution provides clean and reliable energy to power tools, lighting and other equipment in temporary and offsite locations.

Unlock Energy Independence for your operations

Deploy a highly adaptable Grid-in-a-Box solution to meet your unique energy needs.

Modular Hybrid Approach

We customize grid-in-a-box solutions to fit your energy needs using solar, wind or battery power.

Flexible Energy Integration

With integrated battery modules, the grid-in-a-box solution optimizes energy storage and usage, providing reliable power even when solar generation is low.

Grid Back‑up Functionality

While renewable energy minimizes reliance on the main grid, it  integrates the grid power as a backup when all else fails, ensuring continuous and resilient operations.

farm in melbourne
Case Study

Pilot Farm Sites in Melbourne Sustain Power Amid Major Outage

Get Clean and Reliable Energy On Demand

Transition to cheaper, greener, and more reliable power generation.
Contact us to see how you can integrate our Grid-in-a-Box solution into your operations.

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